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Warranty/Service Ticket Submittal

While we always strive to build a home free of defects, we understand that occasionally mistakes are made or something in the home may not perform as intended. When either occurs, we will make the necessary corrections. In support of this commitment, Wonderland Homes provides you with a two-year limited warranty subject to a couple of conditions.

Click on the button below to submit a warranty ticket.

Get Started

Once you submit a service ticket, we will typically contact you within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday, (except holidays/weekends).

NOTE: For appliance service, please contact BAC Ferguson directly, at 720-287-5804

EMERGENCY Service/Repairs

An Emergency is a complete loss of power that isn’t an Xcel Outage, a plumbing leak that can only be controlled by shutting off the water main, or a complete loss of heat when it is below 50 degrees outside. Contact info is project-specific, and is located inside The Road Home, our homeowner portal. Contact info may also be found on a sticker located on the inside of your kitchen sink cabinet door.

Helpful Homeowner Tips

We have a YouTube Page with many helpful hints, pertaining to maintenance and common service ticket items. CLICK HERE to see the videos.

Seasonal Messages

Irrigation Clocks – If you have recently moved in, please make sure that you change your sprinkler clock to irrigate per local water recommendations. (typically 3x per week)  When landscaping is initially planted, your system irrigates multiple times on a daily basis.  This should be changed after 2-3 weeks to a normal irrigation schedule.  We recommend following your local water jurisdiction recommendations.  For example, Denver Water recommends watering 3 times per week, and 12-30 minutes per zone, depending on type of nozzle/head. See for more info.



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